R&D Pilot Production

Committed to fluorine medicine innovation
Benefit human health

R&D Center

  • 20+independent intellectual property patents
  • 30+chemical synthesis personnel (bachelor's degree or above)
  • Complete testing equipment for small and medium-sized trials
  • Independently designed and completed over 2000 fluorinated molecular block libraries
  • Research and development, preparation, sales, and technology transfer of fluorinated new drug templates
  • More than 10000 inventory compounds with specifications ranging from grams to kilograms can be continuously supplied with high quality
  • Provide chemical customized synthesis services and process development FTE services


  • Pilot and production base
  • 3500 square meter pilot base
  • 30+personnel (administrative, technical, worker)
  • 12 sets of reaction kettles with a scale ranging from 300 L to 2000 L
  • Complete auxiliary equipment: double cone dryer, centrifuge, solvent recovery equipment, and sewage treatment tank
  • Completed the development of more than 20 pharmaceutical intermediates and fluorinated heterocycles, as well as the continuous production of a hundred kilogram scale

Production Factory

  • Covering an area of 51 acres, with a pre investment of 100 million yuan, expected to be put into use in 2020
  • Completion of project approval, environmental impact assessment, and safety assessment for the large-scale production of fluorinated intermediates and registered starting materials project
  • Three production workshops that meet safety and environmental requirements are under construction
  • The scale of the reaction kettle is 1000L-6000L
  • Can provide ton to hundred ton product preparation